Choosing a wedding photographer is an essential part of your wedding day, so it's important to do your research and ensure you hire the best. You could be looking for an engagement photographer or an Ohio wedding photographer; the task can be one hell of a thing! 

It can be tricky, though - so many options are out there! In this guide, we'll discuss what to consider when choosing a wedding photographer and some signs that might show that they're not right for you. If you're looking for more help, check out our other guides on How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Day and The Dos and Don'ts of Hiring the best person for you. 


Look at their portfolio. It's essential to see what kind of photos the photographer takes so that you can get an idea of their style. Do they take a lot of outdoor shots, or are they mostly indoors? If there are many pictures in one area, like a beach or park, then it might be a good idea for them to shoot your wedding there too!

Check out the number of photos in each section. If a photographer has only 50 images on their site, and they're all black-and-white landscapes with no people in them (as an example), then maybe that isn't going to work well for you since those aren't really "wedding" photos all--they're just pretty pictures taken by someone who happens to specialize in landscape photography!


Photoshop is a famous tool photographers, and graphic designers use to edit photos. It allows you to change the color of an object, add or remove objects, and make other changes that can improve the aesthetics of your images.

Natural lighting is one of the best ways to capture natural-looking photographs because it doesn't require additional editing after capturing an image. However, Photoshop may be right up your alley if you're going for a more professional look!


The price of your photographer will depend on their experience, the number of hours they will be working, and the size of your wedding party. You should expect to pay between $3,000 and $10,000 for a wedding photographer.

There is no rule about how much you should pay for a professional photographer; it depends on your budget and what you want to get out of them, e.g., someone who can take great photos but may need to learn how to edit them.


Before you can decide which package is right for you, it's essential to understand your options and how much they cost.

The average wedding photographer charges between $1,000 and $3,000 daily (some charge more). This fee includes all images taken during that time; if you want additional coverage or other products like albums or canvas prints, add the amount to this base price.

In general, photographers offer three types of packages: basic coverage, full coverage plus extras such as engagement photos, and exclusive rights over all images taken during your wedding weekend (which includes engagement photos).

Once you've decided on a package and budgeted accordingly--and after checking references! --it's time to meet with potential photographers face-to-face so that they can show off their work samples before making any decisions about hiring them for your big day!

You should hire a photographer who:

  • has experience shooting weddings (and engagement sessions)
  • is willing to work with you on your budget and schedule
  • has a style that fits with your vision for the day
  • understands the depth of your event
  • has the allowance to envision your event and make it count
  • deliver at the right time
  • has the eye to capture the right moments

We hope this article has helped you make an informed decision about hiring a wedding photographer for your big day. Remember that the photographer's job is not just about taking photos but also about capturing moments, emotions, and memories that will last forever. Your wedding photographs will be seen by family members, friends, and generations of people who come after you - so make sure they look their best!